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Penang is indeed one of the most visited places in the entire Malay Peninsula. Its rich culture and the jolly livelihood attract tourists from all across the world. Since Malaysia is sitting at the bridge of the Southeast and western Asia, the Malay cuisine is quite a mix of both the regions. In most restaurants, you will find Thai cuisine, Indian cuisine, Indonesian foods, Burmese menu, and so on.

This is why, with great efforts, we have brought forth a mix of popular world cuisines in our grand restaurant- Lebanon- a place where you will come across the Penang famous food at night.

After roaming around the streets in Penang, it’s finally the time to satiate the need of your stomach. The growling sounds from within can be very distracting, and not to say quite embarrassing.

So, what are you waiting for? You can now have the best lunch in Penang just around the corner, in Lebanon!

Specialty of Lebanon

Lebanon is famous for its hospitality. We welcome people with open arms and try our best to make them feel at home. Our restaurant is furnished with elements that can bring comfort and tranquility in our minds. Another source of comfort in Lebanon is the dishes that we serve that are indeed the best food in Penang.

You might have realized by now that when your stomach starts protesting in hunger, your mood becomes cranky. As a result, you can’t focus on anything, be it the shopping plans you have or the places where you want to visit.

That’s why Lebanon was built, with a plan to provide comfort not only to your angry stomach but also to your mind. Our food, our restaurant, the furnishing, our services, everything is planned in a way where you can have the best Penang lunch without any complaint.

About Us

With a glimpse of the East meet the West, Lebanon Restaurant brings to life a true rendezvous on the contemporary twist and delicious style of modern Lebanese with Middle Eastern influence. Inspired by authentic flavour combinations, our menu offers a fresh and contemporary take on a traditional shared dining experience.

Our Special Menu


Lebanon’s special menu- master of all cuisines

We have harnessed several top dishes from different cuisines, like pizza from the Italian cuisine, Lebanese cocktail from the Tropical Islands, Lamb chops from the western cuisine, fried escallop from Canada, Arabic salad from the Middle East, and so on.

Each dish is prepared with the utmost sincerity and expert hands. Our chefs are hand-picked, so nothing will ever go wrong with the dishes we serve you.

Having a meal at our restaurant will be a lifetime experience for you!

Malaysia is known for its cultural diversity and the delicious national foods that merge Southeast cuisine with the western world. Visiting Penang and not having its delicious delicacies is not done. Many restaurants around this city serve some high-end foods to the visitors.

But, Lebanon is a restaurant where you are going to get the Penang famous food and the cuisines of other parts of the world.

Lebanon’s special menu on the house

Our restaurant was set up with only one goal- make the hungry people happy with the deliciousness of the diner’s dishes and comfort.

That’s the reason why we have furnished our restaurant in a way where you will never feel out of place, no matter with whom you are dining out. Our crew members are incredibly humble and know how to interact with people eagerly waiting for the food.

The aroma of various dishes gets mixed up in the air, creating a stimulating effect on your senses, which will make you crave for the best food. Our special menu consists of the famous local food in Penang and dishes that are famous all over the world like pizza, biriyani, caramel, pudding, ice cream, and so on.

With Lebanon, dining out can never be boring again!

Lebanon special lunch menu

Our food is our pride, one that we serve with honor and a big, fat smile on our faces. We believe in winning hearts through our skills in the kitchen, and that’s why our chefs have handpicked our lunch menu.

If you are feeling like having just a pizza, you can choose from an array of options. For a hefty lunch, we have biriyani in the main course. You can savor the delicacies of several desserts, starting with Cream caramel to ice cream.

In Lebanon, pamper your taste buds till they can’t remember anything else!

Our Team

At LEBANON RESTAURANT SDN. BHD. (734518 – V), we strive to bring together all the foodies with our quintessential hospitality. Our warm and friendly staffs are always at hand to serve you with the exquisite pleasure of the finest middle eastern dining experience.

Exquisite interiors and value creation in food quality, service, and hygiene are at the core of the Lebanon Restaurant brand recognition among families, business professionals, and large touristic groups in search of authentic Middle Eastern gastronomy.

Join us for lunch and dinner surrounded by a lively serene middle eastern aura with earthy tones, a piece of soothing music, and a great ambiance that will make an elegant modern dining experience more exclusive and memorable.

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