Best buffet dinner in Penang

Visiting Malaysia and not enjoying a buffet lunch in Penang is like not enjoying the beach’s sun. Penang is a city that is famous for its cuisines and street foods. But, in Lebanon, we have tried to incorporate a different feeling for you.

Why dine in Lebanon?

We aren’t bragging about our foods and our services. We are trying to convey that Lebanon isn’t just a place where you come, order some foods, have your meals, pay the money, and then walk out of the door.

It is a place where different world cuisines come together to create a magical comfort and serenity. We aren’t just a team of restaurant workers. We are a team that makes sure that every single person walking in from the door will leave our place with a happy memory. And that’s where our best buffet dinner in Penang comes into the scene!

Why choose a buffet dinner in Lebanon?

Vacations mean no restrictions on foods. Understanding this simple principle of people, we have started our buffet-style meals in our restaurant. At a set price, you can enjoy your favorite dish, starting from Lobster Biriyani to Cream Caramel and Chicken nuggets.

There is no limitation of the number of cocktails you drink or the pudding cups you savor at the end of the meal. Everything is unlimited, just like the happiness which a wonderful buffet meal gives.