Best Dining Place in Penang

Be it family dinners or office lunch, choosing a restaurant is one of the most difficult things that one can do. Well, it’s not like that Penang is not having some quality restaurants. Not every diner comes with the comfort that one seeks in the services, interiors, and foods.

So, can Lebanon be your best dining place in Penang?

Let’s discover!

Lebanon – a mystic place

Lebanon was considered to be a white mountain in the early days. A white mountain means a highland area with a snow-covered peak which can imbibe the feelings of tranquility, peacefulness, and excitement at the same time. We have incorporated the same principle in our “Lebanon,” with a little bit difference!

In Lebanon, you might not come across a white mountain. But, we can assure you that you will undoubtedly encounter the best dining restaurant in Penang.

Lebanon – a place of quality services and menu

In Lebanon, we believe that to win someone’s heart, we need something more divine. And that’s the reason why we have prepared a special menu so that you can have the experience of dining in our restaurant.

Our services are of the top world, thanks to all the crew members who put their best effort into making the dinner time filled with comfort and affection. So, no more worry about a family dinner or an office get-together.

Come to Lebanon and enjoy dining restaurant with world-class cuisine!